Bored of Bloat Oil?

Bloat Oil or Rumenox®?

When it comes to pasture bloat, bloat oils have historically been seen as the most cost-effective option available and have been added to stock water as a matter of course.

However, bloat oils are simply used to treat bloat with no added benefits. Rumenox® is now widely used in its place, not only because it effectively prevents bloat, but at the same time helps a cow’s rumen function better. Cows are more likely to stay in optimal condition which not only supports in-calf rates and milk protein production but also protects against ketosis.

Manage the production of rumen gases.

Rumenox® actively manages the production of rumen gases, enabling herds to be protected for longer than short acting bloat oils, this becomes especially important on those wet days when cows aren’t drinking regularly.

Unlike bloat oils Rumenox® has a single dose rate regardless of the bloat challenge. This eliminates the need for estimating the level of bloat challenge and adjusting rates accordingly.

Rumenox® additive products

The most cost-effective option.

The good news is that the price gap between bloats oils and Rumenox® has closed considerably, making Rumenox® the most cost-effective option.