The active ingredient in Rumenox.

Rumenox is the market leading form of monensin in New Zealand. It is available in two forms:

Rumenox® – A water soluble form of monensin, designed to be administered through stock water via in-line dispensers such as Dosatron/Nutridose.

These granules are easy to use and conveniently packaged and are a very common way of administering monensin to dairy cows through stock water.


Rumenox® 200 Premix – a feed grade form of monensin, designed to be added to feed via in-shed feeding, a mixer wagon or a Mineraliser/Conedose via molasses.

It is important that Rumenox® and its monensin component is accurately administered to cows to ensure recommended dose rates are achieved.

Monensin the active ingredient in Rumenox® is well recognised as one of the most internationally researched animal health products used in production animals.

Veterinarians and feed suppliers see monensin as a crucial tool in the animal health toolbox – That’s why Rumenox® is trusted and recommended by them throughout New Zealand.

Put simply the monensin inside Rumenox® helps a cow’s rumen function the way it should!

Monensin adjusts rumen fermentation to a level that is more beneficial to the overall health of the cow. The mode of action of monensin is well-documented and supported by decades of rigorous research.

Studies in New Zealand investigating the effectiveness of monensin have led to registered claims through the ACVM for Rumenox® of:

Ketosis control
Increased milk protein production
Bloat protection

Rumenox®’s (monensin) effectiveness is backed by over 2300 published papers internationally and locally with over 20 trials conducted in New Zealand on pasture systems.

These findings with monensin translate into tangible benefits for dairy farmers. Rumenox and its active ingredient monensin contributes to increased cow performance, more cows in calf through reduced subclinical ketosis and reduced cow loss to pasture bloat.

The role of vets and feed suppliers in recommending Rumenox® is instrumental in safeguarding the health and welfare of dairy herds. With Rumenox’s® inclusion of monensin, you can trust in a solution that meets both the rigorous standards of efficacy and safety.

Rumenox is a registered trademark of Glenmark Veterinary Limited. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, A011276, A010896.

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